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Top Ten Movie Villains

I felt it was time for me to do another one of my top ten lists, and this time you lovely folks are getting my top ten movie villains.  I don't think it's any mystery that most of my favorites actors are almost ALWAYS playing the part of the villain....not sure what that says about me....but that's not what I'm here for, right?  You guys can discuss my oddities on your own time. <.<  >.>  I'm not giving a synopsis of each character...that's what Wiki is for.  I'm just here to give you a list of my favorites and why of course.  Let's kick this off shall we!?

10.) Hans Gruber (Die Hard)
 Why yes, my beard is phenomenal.

This is probably the most two-dimensional character on my list, but I had to get Alan Rickman on here!!!  The guy's a genus and his voice rocks my world.  He's played villainous characters for years but Gruber is an oldie but goody.  All he wants really is a butt load of money from the bank, but that McClane dude keeps thwarting his agenda!  There's not much to the character but he's by far one of the most memorable villains, because Rickman can pull off just about anything.

 Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire is that bad...I know!!!...close your mouth, you look simple.

9.) Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Mmmmmm....glow worms!!!! Yummy... :P

What's that...oh it's my childhood calling...yay!!!  The Nightmare Before Christmas was released in October of 1993...I was 10 and it was one of the GREATEST things I had ever seen...blew my tiny little mind.  And although many think it's strictly a Tim Burton film (produced and created character designs), a great deal of credit needs to go to the film's director, Henry Selick.  Selick also directed, produced, and wrote the screenplay for Coraline, another fantastic favorite of mine.  It's evident the Selick's vision plays a large role in Nightmare and the direction of Oogie Boogie shouldn't go unseen.  He's big, mean, full of worms, and employs creepy little children to do his bidding.  This is a guaranteed cocktail of heebee jeebee's for any child and I loved it.

He also seems to run a casino for the dead!!!...oooo O.o

8.) Judge Doom (Who Framed Rodger Rabbit)

Speaking of movies and characters that left ever-lasting images in my head as a child...Judge Doom played by Christopher Lloyd was the end all to be all of my childhood villains.  I mean, come on, a big baddy that kills your favorite cartoon characters??!!!  Christopher Lloyd is an actor that helped shape the movies I watched on a constant basis as I grew up, the man is amazing.  But when he's lowering that little cartoon shoe into the "Dip"...to this day I want to crawl through the screen and strangle him.  On top of that, his "real" voice gives me the willies to this day.

And he talked.....JUST LIKETHIS!!!!

7.) Annie Wilkes (Misery) 
Guh...turtlenecks creep me out....

I know this list seems like a good 'ol sausage-fest, but there frankly hasn't been that many women villains that have blown me away.  Rarely is there a film where the main villain is a woman and rarely am I excited about it.  I guess that's what makes Kathy Bates so awesome and why her role as the bat-shit crazy fan Annie Wilkes has made my list.  She was so incredible that she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for the role.  I saw this film when I was pretty young and those brutal scenes have been ingrained in my memory banks.  Even though I've seen Bates in plenty of drastically different roles since then, I always see her welding that mallet. *shivers* 

Oh God!!! LOOK AWAY!!!! >_<

6.) Agent Smith (The Matrix):
Say hello to Mr. Awesome
 Ahhhh...the role that introduced me to the INCREDIBLE Hugo Weaving. Whether you enjoyed only the first one and hated the later two there's no denying that Weaving did a phenomenal job as Agent Smith in all the films.  He was cool, calm, and collected (for the most part).  With a simple design, black suit and glasses, Weaving could have easily blended into the background with the other agents, but he didn't.  He popped off the screen every time he would enter a scene, and made everyone acutely aware that he was not f*%#$ing around.

Is this the face of someone that you want to ignore?

5.) Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (The Fifth Element) 

What?...is it the hair?
I could make a top ten list that only consists of villains played by Gary Oldman because he's well...beyond amazing at what he does.  I cried when I saw the man in person people...not to his face, thank gawd.  There are arguably scarier villains that he's played other than Zorg, but I'll be damned if this isn't my favorite of his.  Don't get me wrong, his portrayal as Dracula in Bram Stoker's is straight out of the super creepy factory.  But The Fifth Element is one of my all time favorite movies, I can watch it over and over....and over.  So I'm sure that's a big factor in my choice.  Zorg is a very strange man with his half emover, snazzy attire, and bizarre little accent, it's a character that sticks with you.  Oldman plays him just as serious as he did his character, Stansfield, in Leon: The Professional.  And that's why we love him. 

I give you...Oldman squared!!! @_@

4.) Lord Blackwood (Sherlock Homes)
Ehhhh...I hate Mondays...

I mean...come on, you didn't think I could get through this list without him did you???  And by him I mean, Mark Strong.  Like Gary Oldman I could probably make a whole list of just villains played by Mark Strong, because as you all know he's incredible at his craft.  And if you listen to the show...hell, if you know me, then you know I can't get enough of the man.  He has yet to do wrong in my eye's.  Even if it's in a film that others are not so great in, Green Lantern, he's still AMAZING.....eep..sorry for the outburst.  To date though I would have to pick his role as Lord Blackwood in the most recent Guy Richyfied Sherlock Holmes as my favorite of his.  Even though he was perfect in Kick Ass, Blackwood is the one that leaves me with the creeps.  In a role that could have come off as the typical same old villain, Strong makes it his own, interesting and memorable..

Sigh....<3 him...I seriously went through at least 30 photos
of him trying to decide...be happy I didn't use them all.

3.) Col. Hans Landa (Inglourious Basterds)
Only a stare like THAT could make you forget that pipe is in the same shot.

Look another Hans!!!...anywho.  It was only a few years ago that Tarentino presented us with the endlessly talented Christoph Waltz, in Inglourious Basterds...and I can not thank him enough.  Every once in awhile an actor or actress will come along that makes us stop everything and say, "Who the hell is that and why are they taken up all the awesome???!!!"  You know from the opening scene of Basterds that this is no ordinary man.  Waltz can burn holes with the looks he gives, he makes every scene 20 times more intense, and hello Academy Award winning performance!!!  Because of this role I now can't think of a world without him.  Also....this:

What the WHAT!!!???....yea, that's him back in the day...drool and nom.

2.) Voldemort (Harry Potter Series)

Stay still, you have eyelash on your cheek!!!
There are few times when I feel that someone has been perfectly cast in a role.  Especially when it comes to a character that I've been reading about for years before I even see him on the big screen.  Ralph Fiennes is perfect in the role of Voldemort and I never had any doubt that he would do the character justice.  Forget about that thing on the back of what's his name's head in the first one...oh, you did already?  Good.  Really, truly the first time we see Voldemort is when he rises out of the cauldron towards the end of the fourth film.  Which was really the only good thing about that one, in my opinion.  With his cloak billowing he takes that first breath in his new flesh and gently runs his hand over his pale face....this: @_@ is the best way to describe the look on my face.  Then he spoke with that soft calm voice and gingerly held his wand as if it was made of air...@_@... I was completely drawn in by him, again...perfection. 

I get like that too with migraines.

1.) The Joker (The Dark Knight)
Who's up for a game of Spoons?

Really, what more could I say that hasn't already been said about Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight.  Even though I adore Jack Nicholson's Joker, Ledger's trumps it by a mile.  There's a very good reason why he won the Academy Award for the role and I really don't think it was strictly because he had passed away.  To be serious...get it?...No really, we truly lost a phenomenal actor when Ledger died and it breaks my heart even today when I watch this film.  But that will never stop me.


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I totally would've gone with Rickman as Nottingham myself. Totally agree with you on Zorg. <3 5th Element.

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I LOVE him in that role too!!! I guess I went for the more classic pick. ^_^

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