Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Holy Bandwidth Sucker, Batman!!

We here at BCP are in a bit of a PICKLE! This month we have experienced an increase in our monthly bandwidth use. This means we either have had a SHIT TON of downloads and embed plays this month (which would be awesome!)...OR...PodOmatic is gouging our bandwidth to get us to upgrade...and apparently we're not the only show with this problem (click here)...hmmmmmmm...

SO, we've decided to change host sites. We are moving from PodOmatic to Libsyn!! We'll be going through a transition period over the next few weeks. If you have any trouble streaming the most recent shows please try to download them straight from iTunes...if that's not working then let us know and one of us will send you a copy of the episode you're needing through email. Sorry for any trouble this may cause, we're trying to fix it ASAP!!!

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