Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kotobukiya - Marvel Bishoujo Storm!

July 4th is the release of one my personal favorite statues, the Kotobukiya Marvel Storm Bishoujo Statue!

Storm has always been one of my favorite female Marvel characters (tied only by Rogue) and was SO EXCITED when I found out a Bishoujo statue of her was in the works. She's aways had really cool costumes.

Her white 90's body suit with those giant shoulder pads has alwasy been my favorite!!

As with all  Kotobukiya statues, they start with concept art from renowned illustrator, Shunya Yamashita, and quickly progress from concept to reality!

The statue is curvaceous, sexy and full of elements (pun intended) that are unique to Storm. While her classic costume is not my favorite, I'm just thrilled that this statue was even made. I do wish that her cape was a lot longer...that's the one and only critism I have.

But wait, there's more...

Recently it was announced that there will be a variant version released at SDCC! While the costume design is still the same, her costume is WHITE and she sits on a red tornado! I'm gonna try to get BOTH, if possible.

She's beautiful from every angle!

Kotobukiya has many other awesome statues coming in 2012, so stay tuned. And head over to your local comic retailer and snag your Bishoujo Storm, but keep your hands off MINE! ^_^


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