Monday, April 4, 2011

Artist of The Month: Sean "Cheeks" Galloway

This month's featured artist is Sean "Cheeks" Galloway of Teen Titans Go fame.
Sean is a self-taught artist from Little Rock, AR. After a four year contract with the Navy he enrolled into Sand Diego Community College to make it into the art industry. When his art teachers found out  he liked to draw comic book related illustrations they attempted to steer him away from that path advising him that ‘cartoonists’ don’t make money, only Graphic Designers, and Fine artists do. Intent to follow his own dream of drawing in the comic book industry, he quit college to pursued his art on his own terms.
Obviously this decision worked to his advantage because Sean has many credits in the in comic industry. He’s worked Teen Titans Go, Wildguard:Firepower (oneshot ), Fatboy and Harvey, El Zombo, and Hero @ Large, to name a few.
He also worked as a conceptual artist for the Hellboy Animated films, did character designs for the Transformers Animated cartoon and was the lead character designer/ character supervisor for the Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series.
Interested in a commission? You can e-mail Sean at or reach him through his online gallery:
Thanks to for the additional detail on this month's artist.

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