Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scream 4 Live Art Event

Last night was another live art evening at our local Movie Tavern.  This time it was for the much anticipated Scream 4...well, much anticipated for Scream fans that is.


Alas, this is not a review for the latest slasher flick, we'll be doing plenty of that during today's recording.  This is our way of showing you guys what you may have missed for the live art.  Beaucoup Pop's very own Justin Stewart and Tressa Bowling participated again in bringing their talents to the Tavern.  Here's what you missed:
Here's the early products from Justin and Tressa.  The upper most is Justin's vision of the film's Ghostface and the lower is Tressa's.

BEHOLD, the finished pieces!!!!  They may have had a little too much fun slinging the red paint for gory effect, but they were just getting "in the zone" for the evening's viewing of the movie.

Ghostface even made a speacial cameo appearence to have his picture taken!!
Luckily he was SO please that he didn't kill anyone...this time. O_O!

If you missed last night's live art have no fear, there will be more.  
 So don't cry about it!!!

Just wait for free comic book day (aka holiday for us nerds) it's going to be packed full of events!!!!  Till next next time!

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