Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seckman's Selections - New Releases (04/26/11)

Since we're not posting an episode tomorrow, I thought I would go a head and blog the new releases coming out today April 26, 2011!

  • Eden of the East (movie 1): King of Eden (ANIME)
    • This is the first of 3 movies that follow the anime series
    • The director is know for his work on Jin-Roh (excellent BTW) and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, 2nd GIG and Solid State Society, to name a few.

  • K-On! Vol. 1 (ANIME)
    • A 13 episode anime about four Japanese high school girls who join their school's light music club to try to save it from being abolished. The main character, Yui Hirasawa, has not experience playing an instrument or even reading music, but manages to become pretty good guitar player. This is a Seinen (or young man) anime in the vein of Chobits, Gantz and Chost in the Shell...but with MUCH less battling, I would assume. LOL!
    • First volume runs for 66 minutes...so there should be three episodes on this disc.

  • South Park: Complete Fourteenth Season <- Luv South Park, so I'm really excited to watch this one!! ^_^
    • Includes the 200th episode of South Park! Celebrities that the show has lampooned over the years, such as Tom Cruise, all filing a class action suit against the town of South Park for their humiliation.

  • Black Butler Vol. 5 (MANGA)
    • Just a stone's throw from London lies the manor house of the illustrious Phantomhive earldom, its master one Ciel Phantomhive. Earl Phantomhive is a giant in the world of commerce, Queen Victoria's faithful servant . . . and a slip of a twelve-year old boy. Fortunately, his loyal butler, Sebastian, is ever at his side, ready to carry out the young master's wishes. And whether Sebastian is called to save a dinner party gone awry or probe the dark secrets of London's underbelly, there is practically nothing Sebastian cannot do. In fact, one might even say Sebastian is too good to be true . . . or at least, he is too good to be human . . .

  • Highschool of the Dead Vol. 2 (MANGA)
    • A mysterious illness is spreading rapidly through the halls of Fujimi High School. In a matter of hours, the campus is transformed from a place of learning into a hive of nightmares, as the infected students collapse and are reborn as flesh-hungry zombies! Only a handful of students escape the initial outbreak — among them Takashi Komuro and his childhood friend, Rei. He manages to protect Rei from the initial onslaught, but how long can Takashi and the other students hope to survive when the whole school – maybe the whole town — is out for their blood?!

  • Pandora Hearts Vol. 5 (MANGA
    • Oz Vessalius, heir to the Vessalius dukedom, has just turned fifteen. At his coming-of-age ceremony Oz is cast into the prison known as the "Abyss", only to be saved by a "Chain" known as Alice, the Bloodstained Black Rabbit, B-Rabbit for short. The mystery there begins as Oz unravels the mystery behind Alice, the Abyss and the strange organization known as Pandora. The series features heavy references to Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and can be considered fantasy and mystery.

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