Monday, April 9, 2012

Barbie's Back...Nicki Minaj Reloaded

Usually, I sit down upon first listening to an album in its entirety to do an album review for BCP, but after having a discussion with Matt last night about his first thoughts on Nicki Minaj's new CD, I was hesitant to hear it. I haven't been impressed with her David Guetta collaboration "Turn Me On," which is so repetitive that I just turn it off, or her single "Starships," which seems herky-jerky and all over the place with it's out of place "we're higher than a mother....." antics and random dance breaks.

I'm always scared when I hear someone break out with a new style and fresh outlook on their debut because I fear (and so should the artist) the dreaded "Sophomore slump." They had enough great ideas for a brilliant debut, but their 2nd album falls totally flat.

Since Matt wasn't totally impressed I was pretty reluctant to put this one on, but I listened to it this morning, then stumbled across an album review of it at a Yahoo related blog I check in on for hip hop news called "Hip Hop Media Training," by Billy Johnson, Jr. and his album review is spot on and I agree with his assessment 100%. Check it out! What do you think?

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