Monday, April 30, 2012

What do YOU have to say about it?

Hey gang! We as BCP wanted to open up the airwaves to our listeners! We invite you all to e-mail us comments and discussion topics/questions in an audio format (mp3 preferred) and we may play it on the show to spark a debate or perhaps a fist fight! @_@

Comments can be anything from saying that you like/hate the show, to a comment about something you heard on a prior episode. Topics can be...well, anything! Try us! Send us something serious, something funny, something never know what we'll pick! LOL

And finally we invite you to record and send us your GEEK GUILTY PLEASURES!!! Did you have a save file right before the sex scene in Mass Effect that you play over and over again, because your Shepherd and Liara just look SOO HOOOT together? Do you listen to Dolly Parton and finger paint when it's raining outside? We want to know what the fuck makes you WEIRD like us!!

For all of these, feel free to drop your name, or not, and keep the comments brief and to the more than 30 seconds if possible.

This is just another way we at BCP are trying to make you all a part of the show with us! We hope to have a voicemail set up in the future...but we don't know how to do that for now, use your smart phone, laptop or PC mic and send us your clips (audicity is a great FREE recording program). Who knows, maybe you'll be on the next episode of Beaucoup Pop!

our email is www(dot)beaucouppop(at)gmail(dot)com!

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