Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alex Cross Trailer Released

Tyler Perry is one of those actors I'm not sure if I should take seriously, or not seriously at all. Well, luckily he's moving away from Madea, and taking on some lead roles (as a man, at least) including his newest role as James Patterson's Alex Cross. Taking the reigns from Morgan Freeman, who played Cross in the films Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. The thing I found the most interesting about this trailer, was not seeing Perry in the role of a serious action hero, but seeing who was the villian of the film, Matthew effing FOX!

Fox plays the psychotic, mob "hit man", Michael "The Butcher" Sullivan. 
Now, I love me some Matthew Fox (thanks to Party of Five and LOST), so I don't like that he looks scary CRAZY in this movie (which, I'm assuming, is the point *wink*). It's like watching John Goodman play a badguy...there's a part of me screaming "NOOOOOO!" on the inside. Take a look at the trailer:

Looks pretty good. I'm mainly excited to see Matthew as The Butcher, cause he looks bad-ass in the trailer. The movie is set to hit the US on 10/19/12. What do you all think?

PS: It kinda bums me out that Idris Elba was originally in talks to play Alex Cross. Now THAT would have been aMaZiNg!!


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