Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back by Popular Demand, Episode 23 with Pascal Langdale

We're taking a step back in time this week folks! We figured since we've got the week off that we'd post an episde that's no longer available on iTunes...well that is until now. Back by popular demand, it's part one of our episode on Innovations in Gaming where we interview Pascal Langdale!Check out the original blog post HERE!
You may be familar with Pascal from Quantic Dream's PlayStation 3 exclusive game, Heavy Rain, where he played the role of Ethan Mars. We had the pleasure of talking with Ethan about a few upcoming projects.  Part two of this episode will be posted on Friday, so keep a look out!
Check out the episode here:

And, be sure to pre-order Quantic Dream's newest game, BEYOND: Two Souls!!


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