Monday, November 5, 2012

4 Reasons to Be Excited About Disney Buying Star Wars

Unless you have been hiding out on Tatooine (which if so tell me how to cross into fictional universes!) you may have seen where Disney has purchased LucasFilms and therefore Star Wars. This has engendered the typical responses from nerd and non-nerd alike about ruining the franchise, valuing profit above creativity, and how re-boots & sequels are bad. But I stand firmly in the opinion that this will be a good thing for Star Wars and for Star Wars fans. Let me tell you why.

#4 Now your kids can have their own Star Wars too
When did Star Wars first capture your imagination? Wasn't it with youthful exuberance and innocence that you grew to love those films? I understand that you're an adult now with adult tastes but you have to remember why you love Star Wars. Whatever gets created now will be aimed at kids and we have to realize there is nothing wrong with that. Films can be aimed at kids and still enjoyable for adults. This new movie will hopefully recapture the heroic and adventurous spirit of the original films and take a whole new generation of kids to a galaxy far, far, away.

#3 Look at the Marvel films

If I had time I would type a billion dollar signs
For anyone doubting Disney's ability to get talent, gather them together, and then stand back and let magic happen I would counter you with the Marvel films. Disney by and large seems to just opens up their piggy bank and let folks make great films. The Avengers is obviously a sterling example and hopefully they take a similar route here. The fact of the matter is, Disney just spent 4 billion dollars to get Star Wars. The Avengers has taught them that you can make a movie and make money or you can make an awesome movie and make awesome money. I can't imagine they will overlook this lesson. 

#2 George Lucas will have minimal involvement

Or else.
I know it's a bit blase to hate on George Lucas and treat him as the nerd-hate pinata so let's just say it's possible his best film making days are behind him . His obsession with intelligent furry creatures saving the day (Ewoks, those monkeys in the Crystal Skull, Howard the Duck) and his dogged interest in fitting every character into every thing have been a thorn in our side for years now. With him mostly out of the picture, new and fresh creative perspectives can come to Star Wars now. This could mean new perspectives on established characters (if a reboot) or a new generation of fascinating characters (if a new story). A whole generation of people were inspired to create by Star Wars. Just imagine if they got a chance to actual play with their favorite franchise. 

#1 You get more story

Nobody hates getting more. It doesn't need to be more of Luke and Leia or a spin off of Han Solo either. There is a whole galaxy's worth of stories to tell in Star Wars. I don't even know anything about the expanded universe but I know there is a lot there to mine. The end of Episode Six is as open a sand box as you can get. A whole galaxy will be going through the pains of successful revolution. Will the good guys stay good? How long can the Sith be kept down? Will the Jedis ever become numerous again? This is also a chance to diversify Star Wars an awful lot. Let's get some women bounty hunters and Jedi. Is there really only one black person in all the universe? In the end, we win because we will get more story and more content. That's good.

In conclusion, I hope I have given you something to look forward to for the future and convinced you that we just might end up ahead in all of this. Disney isn't out to ruin your childhood, they are out the add to somebody else's. Everyone had the same visceral reactions to the Marvel purchase but Miley Cyrus never teamed up with Wolverine and Spider-Man didn't start sporting mouse ears. So don't expect Capt. Jack Sparrow to be hanging out with Han Solo anytime soon (you're welcome for the inspiration though fan fiction writers).

Just keep the faith and give it some time. You never know, you just might be rewarded.


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