Saturday, February 19, 2011

Recording Delayed

Hiya folks!  Just popping by to let you know that our recording will be delayed one more week due to a minor nasal surgery that Justin had to go through.  No one wants to be recorded with gauze shoved up their nose. :)  So'll have to hold on just a bit longer but in the mean time we'll be posting to the blog and of course on Twitter @beaucouppop.  Here's a little something for now:

The Akira movie has a scriptwriter now!  

Steve Kloves has been assigned the task to work on the current script.  Kloves is best known for his screenplays for the Harry Potter films (outside of the 5th) and he also wrote and directed The Fabulous Baker Boys.  This is some decently good news for the film and there have also been reports lately that James Franco may be up for the role of Kaneda...hell of a lot better than Zack Efron.  
Overall I'm still left thinking "Meh..." about this anime being made into a live action film.  It was one of the first anime I've ever seen and I wasn't that astounded by it, at least not like everyone else who thinks they know everything about anime.  There are soooooo many other titles out there (10 times better than Akira) that would translate into phenomenal live action movies.  What do I know though...I'm just a faithful consumer.  Fingers crossed for Cameron's Battle Angel Alita, that's a film I'm excited about.

This nerdtastic post was brought on by Tressa!

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JuniorPrince said...

Um...If James Cameron is directing it it will be gold. 2016 is the projected release date. Wow that far away. But with Avatar 2 *worried look* I guess we'll just have to wait.

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