Sunday, May 8, 2011

Free Comic Book Day LIVE ART Event!

Hey hey!! Kerry here. :) As everyone knows, yesterday was Free Comic Book Day! We had talked on our last episode about going around to different places as Tressa and Justin showed off their amazing artistic skillz. I stood around, took pictures, and just hung out.

Our first stop of the day was at Half Price Books. They were hosting the silent auction we mentioned on the show (of which Justin contributed some older art to). They also had stuff for the kids: coloring and a hammer toss! On top of that, all their comic-related books were 20% off.

Justin did two pieces while we were there - one of Loki and Enchantress (pictured below) and one of Thor's arm holding up Mjolnir - which he's working on in the picture to the right. Tressa did a close-up of Thor, also in the picture to the right. His hair is all swirly, and look at that epic beard!!! :-D
(all are shown below a little better as well)

Around 3pm everything got packed up and we made our way to our second stop: our local comic shop Collectibles Etc.! They had a table set up that artists had been coming and going throughout the day. The big thing they had going were blank cover issues of comics that you could get for $5 and have an artist to a custom sketch of.

Justin and Tressa both had the honor of doing one of these:

Then, around 6, everything got packed up again and we made it to our last stop...
Movie Tavern!!!

There they did the whole thing over again until 10pm rolled around and we went to see the almighty Thor (which we all quite enjoyed - you can hear more come Wednesday when our newest episode is uploaded)! Here, Justin did two more pieces, Betaray Bill and a very raunchy (and hilarious) Green Lantern. Tressa started a different Thor, the classic hammer smacking on the ground.

I took quite a few more pictures, and Matt got some as well, that I just don't want to bog this post down with. I'll work on making sure they are accessible on our Facebook group page, or put them all on a photo sharing site.

Check back with us on Wednesday, pop in, and listen to us chat about our adventures! Stories to go with pictures! ^_^

Until then, Kerry out!

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