Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seckman's Selections - New Releases (05/03/11)

Apparently my New Releases radar is broken because I missed a few interesting items on this weeks episode (Ep. 7) so here's a more inclusive list:


All of You by Colbie Caillat [RELEASE DATE 07/12/11]
All Of You
Amazon updated info for Colbie Caillat's new Album All of You which is not being released on May 3rd but July 12. They only have info about an Import edition, not a domestic one. Urg! I'll look in to this one.

LOVE? by Jennifer Lopez (or J-Lo if you remember that phase. Really, what was that all about? LOL)
First single off the album is pretty good, but I just feel like she's trying to hard. Personally, I'd rather see her making more films than music.

Glamazon by RuPaul (yep, RuPaul is still making music)
This is RuPaul's 5th album. The album was released digitally on April 25 to coincide with the 3rd season finale of RuPaul's Drag Race.

In Your Dreams is Nicks' first CD (of new songs) since the release of her 2001 album Trouble in Shangri-La. Good or bad, there will always be a soft spot for me with Stevie Nicks, so I'm excited to see she's still working (and living in an enchanted forest as well).

29-track, two-disc album that includes four new, never-before heard songs including a remix of "The Moon And The Sky" (featuring Jay-Z). The Ultimate Collection also features 15 tracks that were not included on Sade's 1994 "Best Of" album. Let the baby making begin!
I've never been a big fan of the Beastie Boys but practically everyone I know is, so I expect this will bring cheers from the crowd. It's their 8th studio album and is Mike "Mike D" Diamond, Adam "Ad Rock" Horovitz and Adam "MCA" Yauch's first full length effort since 2007's all-instrumental The Mix-Up.

Live at Benaroya Hall With The Seattle Symphony
Seriously, if you don't know who this chick is, you need to check her our. Her last three albums have been incredible. She's been wildly successful with critics

Chuckles & Mr Squeezy
I've been listening to Dredg since their 2005 album Catch Without Arms (which is AWESEOM). Their music changed a bit on their last album The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion and I wasn't as big of a fan. Here's hoping for brighter skys with this new album, despite the freaky cover. O_O!


The Green Hornet

Being Human Season 3 [BBC Version]

The Dilemma

And then there's this...Thumbs up for Jennifer Connelly...but other than that...bleah!


Thor: God of Thunder (PS3, X-Box, Wii, 3DS)

Peace Out!

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