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Buffy vs. Supernatural

I know what you’re thinking just from the title of this post, “*Gasp* What is she thinking comparing anything to Buffy!!???...WHAT?”...calm down.  Not even your precious Buffy the Vampire Slayer is sacred to ME muuuuhahahahahahHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!  No, but really I’m not trying to prove that one is better than the other in this post.  Well...Buffy’s better, but Supernatural has done a hell of a job holding it’s own through out the years and as far as “supernatural shows” it’s a close second in my opinion.  This is just merely a side by side comparison of the two shows themes...ya know demons and what-not....because it’s fun THAT’S WHY!!!...I really should stop writing these after I’m done battling afternoon traffic.


The Demons:
Buffy- They covered about everything under the sun in Buffy, Sunnydale that IS!!! eh?  No?  Alrighty, on today’s menu we have:

The Gentleman
Patty-cake, patty-cake....who wants to play?

The Buffyverse has an ass load of demons to choose from...seriously you should check out the Wiki page, it’s bananas.  But if I had to choose one that sticks out, The Gentleman are arguably by far the creepiest demon Joss Whedon ever came up with...I can hardly look at the picture without getting the willies.  They grinned...they glided....*shiver*  Not only were they creeptastic but they were the focus of one of the series best episodes titled Hush.  Whedon wrote and directed the episode in response to critics saying that the shows dialogue was the most successful aspect.  Only 17 out of 44 minutes had dialogue...the rest was, of course, pure genius.


Supernatural- Demons, really, are the main focus in Supernatural.  What Buffy is to Vampires, Dean and Sam is to demons.
But if I had to pick one it would be:

Azazel (the “Yellow-Eyed Demon”)

The series creator Eric Kripke said it best when he described Supernatural as the modern day American Western.  “Two gunslingers who ride into town, fight the bad guys, kiss the girl and ride out into the sunset again. And we were always talking from the very beginning that if you're going to have cowboys, they need a trusty horse. (the Impala)”  Kripke developed this series for nearly ten years, with the basis of urban legends to work from, before the WB picked it up...and it shows.
Supernatural has focused most of it’s energy on their demons. I think they take the cake with this subject.  The series is filled to the brim with nameless black-eyed demons, but they’ve done an incredible job fleshing out individual ones.  We’ve been introduced to Lilith, Ruby, Meg, the Seven Deadly Sins, most recent Crowley, and the original big bad, Azazel.   Before Dean and Sam even knew his name they called him the “Yellow-eyed Demon”, because he’s the main reason they’re hunters to begin with....he killed their Mama...not cool.  Azazel was a pesky demon to track down and it was the main plot line for seasons one and two.  He’s the most important in my eyes, because without him...we wouldn’t get this:

Do you know how hard it is to find a picture that they’re are not pouting in????!!!!!  DO YOU???

The Vampires:
Buffy- Really?  Do I have to-OKAY!

Jesus....his hair is so perfect!!! @_@

I mean really....there is no contest with this one...Buffy the VAMPIRE Slayer!!! derp.  Anywho, Whedon created a new universe for the undead creatures to roam and he also did a superb job of still making them bad-ass and alluring for the ladies and dudes.  With characters like Spike who started out as the end all to be all of vampires, Whedon morphed him into a character that everyone, even your Mama, could love.  Well...except for that one scene towards the end there.  And of course Angel...come on the dude has his own awesome spin-off!!!  He was the perfect combination of dark, brooding, intriguing, strong, smart, sexy, soulful,....ahem...he’s just lovely.  Stephanie Meyers...take note ya SPARKLES here!!!!


What’s she doing here!?!?

Yea, that’s right...that’s Mercedes McNab (Harmony from Buffy and Angel) being type cast as another vampire but this time in Supernatural....what the WHAT?  They even snagged Amber Benson (Tara from Buffy) to play a vamp in a few episodes.  Supernatural has probably focused the least on vampires.  They’ll occasionally bounce back to it, but for the most part they steer clear...which I’m totally cool with.  They’re still pretty nasty Boreanaz walking about in this world.

Your miscellaneous....
Buffy-Well, besides vampires and your weekly random demon, Whedon would sometimes throw in witches, enhanced humans, immortals, robots...everything under the sun really.

Enhanced human Exhibit A

Why of course this character is gonna stick in my’s NATHAN FILLION people!!!  Acting as the right hand man to the First Evil, Fillion does his best at depicting the most creepy misogynistic, murderous priest you will ever see.  Not only is he a catalyst for what’s to come in season seven, he also organizes the murders of potential slayers and the bombings of the Watcher’s Council Headquarters.  The guy’s a dick.  Whedon does great job of using these types of characters to further the plot.  It’s not all about the vampires!

Supernatural- Yes you’ve got witches, werewolves, shape-shifters, ect. in this series too....but most importantly...they’ve got Angels.

Bad-ass Angels.

Kripke has his finger on the pulse of a different kind of Angel...these are not the ones you would top your Christmas tree with folks.  Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, Raphael, Lucifer, Zachariah and most importantly Castiel.  That would be the guy you see up top here with the puppy dog eyes. ^_^  Appearing in the forth season, he brings Dean back from Hell...oh bad.  In the beginning Castiel (portrayed beautifully by Misha Collins) has little to no emotion, but as the series continues his banter with Dean shows another side of him.  Like I said before, these are not your Grandma’s Angels...they are willing to take out “innocents” for the greater good.  It’s hard to resist the odd charm of Collins as he does a flawless job with the dry humor and subtle nuances of Castiel.  It’s hard to say where this character is going at this point, but I really don’t care...I can’t wait to see more.

So that’s it lovers of the other-worldly creatures!  I’m not going to even compare the main characters of the two series...they’re both amazing iconic creations.  Buffy kicks-ass dusting vamps and she can never be replaced by another creation.  Hear that Hollywood???  NEVER!!! *shakes fist*  Dean and Sam, the brothers that you can always count on to take out your demon infestation and stop the Apocalypse...and they’re just full fledged humans with lots of training from dear old Dad.  Both series has it’s strong characters and week ones, but they balance out oh so nicely.’re going to have to be disinfected.

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