Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kerry's Korner!

Hey there poppers!! Since poor episode 16 has become "The Lost Episode" I'm gonna go chill out in my corner over here and type up some news stuff for you guys! :) I shall provide links and/or pictures for your viewing pleasure. So here we go!

- Two casting new regarding G.I. Joe 2: Dwayne Johnson has been cast to play Roadblock, and Adrianne Palicki to play Lady Jaye

Ray Park is expected to revise his role as Snake Eyes, and Byung Hun-lee is expected to bring back Storm Shadow.

- Beaucoup Bummer of the week: Thor 2 is not going to be directed by Kenneth Branagh. *sob* He's going to be busy directing Italian Shoes, based off the novel by Henning Mankel (no idea who that is lol). It is instead going to be co-written by Don Payne, who has written for the Simpsons, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer... >.> I doubt he's going to be the only writer, though, so we'll see who else they get...

- They have announced what the Catwoman costume is going to look like in the Dark Knight Rises. Thanks to Geek Tyrant, we have a description from an "inside source" that it's going to be more tactical (like the comic book) and look more like a robber outfit. It isn't going to be as heavily sexy as Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry, but will still be form-fitting so Anne Hathaway should still look smoking hot. Check here for the full quote:

- The cast of Monty Python (minus Eric Idle, wtf is he doing anyway?) is reuniting to put together a tribute for the late Graham Chapman. They're creating an animation of his autobiography A Liar's Autobiography: Volume VI. The link to Bleeding Cool has the full details on those involved and such.

- The UK trailer for Arrietty has been put up! It looks so good, I'm quite excited. In this you get to hear the voice talents of Mark Strong and Saorsie Ronan! :)

Looks like that's about all I got for now! Sorry again for no new episode, but we'll be back this time next week! :)

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