Thursday, August 25, 2011

Movie Review: Conan The Barbarian

So this weekend I decided to go see Conan The Barbarian. It was a toss up between Conan and Fright Night, but I was pretty sure Tressa was gonna go see her boyfriend Clay Aiken, er...I mean David Tennant...She has SO MANY that it's hard to keep them straight. Although, the more I look at pictures of him, the more I think he looks like Charlie Sheen. ^_^

But this is a review about Conan The Barbarian, not a blog to piss Tressa off...although I'm sure I have. Hahaha! Luv yous!! [Tressa: >_<!]

So yes, Conan The Barbarian 3D. I was really excited for this to come out, based on the trailers I had seen. Overall it was a nice adaptation of the Conan franchise and in trend with most action movies now...Darker and Grittier, but I'd have to say it was little underwhelming. In my opinion, it was not as bad as it could have been, but it was also not as good as it should have been. I'd give the movie an "Ok." Hey, at least it was better than Prince of Persia as least...but not by much. Also, the 3D conversion was WEAK! disappointing.

Jason Momoa, who played Conan, physically looked the part, but had a hard time coming off as intimidating child born of war...or however they described it in the movie. I mean, come on...look at that face...

Even at 6'5" and all muscle he looks like a big teddy bear. ^_^ LOL! I like the character he played on Game of Thrones better than Conan, becuase you see his character through the eyes of his wife...scary at first, but then as a loving protector. Also, he doesn't speak english in GoT, which masks some of his so-so acting.

Speaking of speaking english, JESUS, the movie needed subtitles like NO one business >_< While the was in english, holy shit there were a lot of mumblers in the movie! So many actors either had thick accents, or the tried to sound tough by lowering the voice, that you could hardly understand them. Ugh!

Another complaint I had was Rachel Nichols. She was weak (as an actor) for about 80% of this movie. I didn't care about all. So many times throughout the movie I kept saying to myself, "Milla Jovovich should have been cast in this part." Yes I'm a little partial cause I LOVE Milla, but seriously, they made her look like Milla in the movie and they tried to make her fight and be tough...but she sucked, plain and simple.

O_O "I surrender!"

Go ahead...say I remind you of Freddy Krueger...I dare you!

But there was one saving grace to this movie and that was Rose McGowan. Her character was so creepy and wickedly awesome. ^_^ The character design was really cool too, even though she looks like a Centauri (Babylon 5) who's hosting a Trill from the Star Trek universe! [Matt gains +5 nerd cred for this observation]. I only wished that her character had been in it more, or had been more of a focus as the villain, cause she kinds plays second fiddle to Khalar Zym.

So, the moral of this story is, I would recommend seeing this movie in theaters because it's full of big screen action and effects, but don't pay too much for it. I may even be worth waiting for the Dollar Movies. At the time of writing this blog, I would not recommend getting the DVD when it comes out because I just don't see it worth multiple watches. But I'm know to change my mind over take that with a grain of salt. Would I like to see a sequel? Sure, why not? I could see it at a successful trilogy, but the better improve a lot by the next one.

If you check out the movie, let me know what you think. Agree? Disagree? Think I'm full of shit? Well I guess you don't have to see the movie to make a judgement on that one. LOL! Post you comment on the blog and let your voice be heard. Peace!

This is just the world as I see it!

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