Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Episode 39 - Ring in the New Year!

The cast of Beaucoup Pop is back, bringing you everything you need to know about whats going on in the pop culture world...and maybe some things that you didn't need to know, BUT WE GIVE IT TO YOU ANYWAY!!!
Welcome back Poppers!  Hope you have a fantastic holiday and you're ready to plow into the new year...the Last Year...THE END OF THE WORLD!! We do some much needed catching up (Matt is back after a month of being absent) and we talk about our New Year's Goals.  Could starting a llama farm be one of them? You'll need to listen to find out.
We also talk a little more in detail about the current "Uh Oh!" situation the Beaucoup Pop gang are in. You've probably seen our prior "Help Save Beaucoup Pop" post, that the four of us are in a bit of a pickle. As of right now, at the end of January, we are losing access to our recording equipment. In order for Beaucoup Pop to carry on we need to raise quite a bit of money to replace what we are going to lose. The BCP team plans to contribute what we can, but need help from our AMAZING listeners!! We enjoy bringing you, the listener, your weekly doses of geekery and we want that to continue. Please give what you can to help our show.

On of the easiest ways to contribute is to use the PayPal donate button on the sidebar of our blog. It's quick, easy and allows us to instantly start purchasing new equipment. If you'd prefer to donate in person, or perhaps would like a little something in return, on January 14, 2012, we will be at Collectibles Etc (in Lexington) for a fundraising event. Justin and Tressa have generiously agreed to donate their amazing artistic tallents to help raise money for the cause. For a $10 donation, you can commission an sketch card from either artist! All money collected will go to purchase new equipment for the show!! They'll be there all day, so hang around with us, or check back later to put up your original piece of artwork.
Sketches by Justin

Sketch cards by Tressa
So anyway, enjoy the latest episode, Ring in the New Year, cause there's some pretty funny stuff on it, including our first improve skit where we see what it's like to order fast food with Tressa's husband Danny. It's great!!
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