Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Watch the Throne: Great from 'Ye to Z

Alright, I give. I finally sat down after much balking and put on "Watch the Throne," by Jay-Z and Kanye West. Don't get me wrong, I love Jay-Z, and have from the first track I heard by him. He's got one of those voices like Ice Cube (pissed off N.W.A. Ice Cube, not the Disney movie actor selling you beer) where he's just screaming at you, even at a whisper. He's been around, he's sold drugs, done some shit, but you want to hear about it because of the way he delivers the verses.

To be honest, the reason I stayed away from this one as long as I did is simple: Kanye. I have a love/hate relationship with Kanye. It's the same one I have with Courtney Love-I'll probably enjoy what you give me, I just never, EVER, want you to open your mouth in public. Don't do self-aggrandizing interviews, telling me you're the "greatest of all time," or go to award shows where you're allowed a platform. I don't want to hear you speak. Really, stop tweeting. You're not that important.

The problem is, he's a talented wordsmith and 'Ye is a great pairing with Jay-Z. He's the Mountain Dew to Jay's Taco Bell burrito. The cheese to his macaroni. It just works, and who am I to diss that?

I give respect to anyone who has a radio hit with a "Blades of Glory" reference in it.

The beats are big, the hooks infectious, and hey, there's even some Beyonce!
I give this one a thumbs up.


Matt Seckman said...

I only listened to about half of the album, once and thought, "Meh..." I'll give it another chance I'm sure, but I'm like you, I just can't stand Kanye's attitude. I loved 808 and Heartbreaks, but seriously, don't ever let that guy on a stage, unless he's singing.

Becky said...

About the time I got to N***as In Paris (I will NOT write or say the N-word!) it started to pick up. The first half is actually kind of weak. By the time you get towards the end, the songs really pick up. Kanye shines on "Who Gon Stop Me" and Jay kills it on the last track, "Why I Love You."

Get Real In Lex said...

"Gotta have it" is pretty bad ass, I think "New Day" kanye acknowledges his mistakes. I've been a fan of Jay since in an interview they asked him why he stabbed his agent and his reply was "cause I didn't have a gun"

Matt Seckman said...

Whaaaaat? Eli reads our blog? Yeah!!

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