Sunday, January 1, 2012

Artist of the Month: Sara Richard

Sara Richard is a graduate from The Columbus College of Art & Design.  Ever since she left he temp position at Hasbro she's been developing a style that incorporated her love of Art Nouveau and wildlife (mostly the extinct kind).

Sara is also heavily inspired by Japanese Ink Paintings (sumi-e) for their simplicity in composition, so much so that her signature is "Sara" in katakana (the Japanese alphabet system for foreign words and names.)
I couple of Sara's pieces were created to help raise money for causes like her local animal shelter and the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, for which she raised over 800 dollars for this past year.

Be sure to listen this month when we have Sara on as a special guest and if you'd like to check out her work you can visit her at:
And if you're in the area her work is being displayed at:
Funky + Functional in Columbus, Ohio

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Christopher John (@Christopher2814) said...

I first met Sara at Wizard World Philly in 2011 and then again in Baltimore. My wife bought a few of her prints. We desperately wanted her to sketch us a Harley Quinn but her sketch list was full almost as soon as the doors opened. One day!

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