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30 Day Battlestar Galactica Challenge

30 Day Battlestar Galactica Challenge

Day 01- Your favorite female character
Day 02- Your favorite male character
Day 03- Your favorite scene
Day 04- Your favorite music (from the awesome Bear McCreary)
Day 05- Your favorite character all around
Day 06- Your least favorite character
Day 07- Your favorite battle
Day 08- Your favorite ship (This can also be favorite Battlestar!)
Day 09- Your favorite Cylon

Day 10- Your favorite speech
Day 11- Your favorite planet
Day 12- A scene/moment that pissed you off
Day 13- A scene/moment that made you cry
Day 14- A scene/moment that made you happy
Day 15- Your favorite quote
Day 16- Your favorite episode
Day 17- Your least favorite episode
Day 18- Your favorite Vipor pilot
Day 19- Your favorite ‘callsign’
Day 20- Your most hated scene
Day 21- Your favorite guest-star
Day 22- The scene that left you on the edge of your seat
Day 23- The character you most relate to
Day 24- The character you miss the most
Day 25- Something that happened you wish hadn’t
Day 26- Something that hadn’t happened but you wish had
Day 27- Your thoughts on the finale
Day 28- Your favorite promo picture(s)
Day 29- What BSG means to you
Day 30- Whatever tickles your fancy

Comment with your answers!!



Matt Seckman said...

Day 01- Laura Roslin FTW! Not only is Mary an amazing actress, but the challenges that Roslin has to go through during the run of the show would have driven most people crazy...but not her (well...for the most part)!

Becky said...

Day 1-Starbuck! Katee Sackhoff is frakking amazing as Starbuck. I love how you watch that character evolve through the whole series. On another note, she has said on Twitter that she may be at Dragon Con next year since she'll have 3 movies to promote. WINNING!

Tressina Bowling said...

Day 1-Laura Roslin all the way!!! I love Starbuck, but there were too many times that she drove me up the wall. Roslin is a steady force and incredible role model.

djbow2 said...

Day 01- Starbuck all the way. I like me a sexy lady with a bit of 'tude and can kick some ass. I mean look who I married.

CommunionNimrod said...

Day 1 - Starbuck! Here you have a woman who's the best viper pilot in the whole damn fleet, with an attitude to be reckoned with. And her entire storyline in seasons 3 and 4 is just phenomenal. She's a GD angel!!

I do have to say that Laura Roslin was a very close second. This was a tough decision for me. She was so brilliant and damn, she led her people and was so strong even though she was dying of cancer that just would not go away.

Tressina Bowling said...

Day 2 - Saul Tigh! He was my least favorite character to start off with, but by the end I LOVED him! One of the best character transformations ever. Also, Michael Hogan is flawless in the role..."It's in the frakkin' walls!"

Dafixer said...

Day 2 - Capt William Adama. For a show like Battlestar Galactica you needed someone who everyone would follow without question - someone who projected the skill and the qualities needed to make you say, "Yeah, I'd get caught in a firefight with him." Adama was the leader, there was no question of this in anyone's mind be it the crew, the civilian population, fans of the show, people who only caught a couple of episodes, the dwarf stipper i Las Vegas, aunt Ruthie's knitting circle, Anderson and Cooper - anyone who watches the show with the sound down all knew who the leader was. That takes a certain presence to pull that one off. That's what makes Adama THE MAN!

CommunionNimrod said...

Day 2 - Saul Tigh. Like Tressa said, one of the best character transformations ever. I didn't absolutely hate him in the beginning of the series, but come on. He was annoying. He was a drunk. He was kind of an asshole. But once season 3 hit, he started to change. His first change just had me feeling sorry for him, down on New Caprica. But then...the big reveal moment... (staying sightly vague to avoid spoilers, you all know what I mean) he took a stand. He, before any of the others, refused to let that discovery define him. He refused to let it change who he was. He conquered it, accepted it, and stayed as loyal as ever, and was stronger from it. And I fell in love with him for that. He made his own destiny.

CommunionNimrod said...

Day 3 - Kara Remembers

Video is crappy quality, but it's the only one I can find.

CommunionNimrod said...

Day 4 - This really is a toss up. I can't choose one. So either Kara's Coordinates, Gaeta's Lament, Kara Remembers, or Heeding the Call.

I posted three times in a row... Wow... I'm pitiful. >.>

Tressina Bowling said...

Well, Kerry at least you're keeping up with it! I've already given up! >_< Mostly because it's been a little too long for me to come up with answers to some of them. I honestly have a hard time remembering.

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