Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Episode 37 - You Want What Now?

The cast of Beaucoup Pop is back, bringing you everything you need to know about whats going on in the pop culture world...and maybe some things that you didn't need to know, BUT WE GIVE IT TO YOU ANYWAY!!!

'Twas the day of the show, for the BCP crew
They were down their best member...Oh what would do?
They called their friend Brett, who came in a hurry.
"That's what she said?" Kerry asked with some worry.

With their mics and their headphones they started the show,
Not knowing exactly where thier stories would go.
Everything was going so smoothly ya see,
Till Brett mentioned a book called the Pink Pussey!

It was downhill for there with tangents galore,
Till someone remember what they were here for.
"What do you want for the Holiday's this year?"
"Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!" is all you could hear.

Some of the wishes were fact and some fiction,
They slamed the Walking Dead, too bad Matt was missin'.
And what were their wishes? You must listen to know.
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A message from our friend Jenny:

"Guys, I'm holding a fundraising auction for a friend of mine at work who's experiencing some financial issues. She's currently on leave for surgery and isn't able to pay her expenses or get some sort of income to cover every day things like food. A group of people and I have been working on different means of helping her out, and I felt this needed to be done. She's a good friend of mine and one of the few people I've met at my place of work over the years that have actually treated me well.

What I've decided to do is place two original pieces of artwork up on Ebay for auction. At this point every penny counts and would like for everyone to participate if they can. 100% of the proceeds will go to my friend as soon as the auction is over. If you've been looking for something kind and helpful to do for the holiday season, this is the time to do it.

The two pieces are of Captain America and Wolverine. Each is done on 8x10 smooth bristol paper inked with micron and colored in prisma colored pencil. They are ORIGINAL, and will be shipped to you free of charge after receiving payment for the item.

I ask you that if you cannot participate at least let everyone know about this. Post it on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or even post a journal about it on DevART."

Bid for this piece on Ebay
Bid for this piece on Ebay

Check out Justin on episode
#003 of The Illustration Underground!

The Illustration Underground is a show about working as an illustrator/cartoonist with Kevin Cross and Mark Rudolph. From business to art discussion to being cool, this web series takes an honest look at working in the industry, not a bullet-pointed list to success.



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