Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who the Frak is Chris?

If there wasn't enough of us already, Beaucoup Pop is pleased to welcome our newest blog contributor, Christopher Vigale!

Born and raised in New Jersey, Chris has managed to avoid a life of spray tans, clubbing and fist pumping. Instead, he spends his time reading comics and obsessing over television and movies. His tastes are diverse to say the least, and he finds something to enjoy in just about every genre of film, television, comics and music. He considers Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers to be his favorite movie of all time and Doctor Who to be the pinnacle of serialized television. Having always wanted to be a writer, Chris has turned to blogging to share his love of pop culture with anyone else who shares his passion for all things pop. When he's not spending time enjoying his hobbies, you can find him enjoying life in the company of his wife and their little chihuahua!!

Chris also has his own blog, The Chronicles of Pop, and you can follow him on twitter, @Christopher2814.

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