Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Episode 52 - Post-Con Energy Depleted

The cast of Beaucoup Pop is back, bringing you everything you need to know about whats going on in the pop culture world...and maybe some things that you didn't need to know, BUT WE GIVE IT TO YOU ANYWAY!!!

Kerry and Matt man the BCP table with Justin, Tressa, Kentucky Geek Girl
and Jenny Stead holding down the rest of the row!

Lexington Comic and Toy Con was a HUGE success, and the BCP gang is giving you the low down on what went down.  We're exhausted from the overwhelming amount of awesome, but artist Mark Rudolph (Requiem Podcast, CV Comics) joins us to help bring you the coverage you're looking for!!!

Here's a few pics from the show!!

Our awesome LCTC badges!

The BCP Table was positioned right across from artist
Mike Maydak and our friend at Action Lab Comics

Kerry got to meet Jason Narvy (left) and Paul Schrier (right)
who protray Bulk and Skull in the Power Rangers universe.

Kerry got to meet Jason Dave Frank who portrays Tommy the Green/White Ranger.
That shirt will never be washed again.

With short hair and tats, the MMA fighter looks quite different
than he did when I watch MMPR as a teen. I feel old now!

Gwen helps sell raffle tickets and is sportin an awesome Spider-Man shirt!

The Red Skull and Captain American pause their fighting to take a quick picture.

The awesome LCTC Banners outside Heritage Hall East. Drawn and designed by our very own Justin!  

If you're made of Ectoplasm, hope you stayed at home...

Back to the Future fans could have their picture take with, or inside, a DeLorean (smoke effects and all)!

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Show Notes & Links:

Mark Rudolph

Mark began making comics in the third grade and hasn’t looked back. One love in a lifetime is enough for most people, but he met his second great love several years later… metal. Not one to be a passive fan, Mark and a high school chum created the Requiem, an extreme metal fanzine in 1992, which began his association with the underground metal scene. He carved out his place in metal by drawing it. Mark’s work has been seen on album and magazine covers, t-shirts, posters and playbills.

He's self published many books through his CV Comics imprint and has also done design and illustration work for Relapse Records, Decibel Magazine, and Marvel Entertainment among others. Mark’s comic work includes many titles published by his imprint CV Comics including: John Oxbow: Man Out of Time, WAR, Mulligan’s Run and Closing Doors which was featured on a PBS documentary.

He lives in the Detroit area.

Other Links:
CV Comics:
Requiem Metal Podcast:
Twitter: @Mark_Rudolph



CommunionNimrod said...

Just so the masses know... I will wash that shirt, I promise. I might shed a manly tear while I do it, but I will. :p

Unknown said...

Sure Kerry, Sure. I just noticed you are being photo bombed by that blond chick in the back. Who the Frack?! LOL!

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