Monday, March 12, 2012

This Week's Disappointments

I admit it-I listen to pop radio in my car. I am terrible about having the same stack of CD's crammed in my Honda's little spot for them under the radio console for weeks on end. Eventually, I have to take out the same 10 CD's I've had on repeat and start fresh. In the mean time, I scan the local stations for some jams to listen to on my drives to and from work, to the grocery store, to the movie theater, etc. because I don't have an ipod jack in my car, and I'm much too lazy to get a transmitter kit.

Anyhoo, sometimes I come across some real gems, but this week I almost crashed the car in what can only be classified as an allergic reaction to 2 truly horrifying moments brought to me courtesy of pop radio.

Moment #1-My first listening of "Starships" by Nicki Minaj.

Oh lord, here we go. After my major confusion at the "What the F is she doing????" performance of another song done in her character of Roman (who I like by the way) on the Grammys, I thought, "okay, bad choice for the public stage Nicki. Most people met you through "Super Bass" and this sounds nothing like it-it went over their heads."

This song is misery for me. It sounds all at once like a crappy Katy Perry song, the annoying sameness of all songs on the radio courtesy of David Guetta, and that "we're going to show how diverse of a rap group we are by flashing back to 1995 rave music" influence of the Black Eyed Peas that unfortunately JUST. WON'T. DIE!

Her voice is nice on it, but Nicki- I hope this doesn't signal your sophomore slump. I expect so much more TALENT from you. You don't have to sound like everyone else. That's why we love you! I hope this is a case of the weakest song on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded being the singles, because that was the case on Pink Friday-the weakest songs were singles, the rest was brilliant.

Tragedy #2

I heard the Rihanna/Chris Brown collaboration the other day. It's called "Birthday Cake" It's atrocious.

At the very least it sounds like it was written by a horny 13 year old who figured out a euphemism for sex, at the most-it gives me the creeps to not only hear her and her abuser doing a song, but a song in which he talks about missing her body and wanting to sleep with her again.

CHRIS BROWN IS A DISGUSTING PIG!!!!! -sorry, my Tourettes is acting up.

Hearing this is making me lose respect for Rihanna, and I really don't want to. I understand Love is a mighty thing, but don't lose your fans to a douchebag who beat you up. I will not buy anything of yours that has him on it. I don't want to give 1 cent to this dog.



CommunionNimrod said...

I'm right with you on Starships. I dunno. It's not a BAD song, but...I expected something coming from her to be better. I was disappointed. And the techno breaks in it don't sound like they should be there. I LOVE techno, always have always will, and I welcome it with open arms. But every time that part happens I almost feel like I'm getting pushed. It's jarring.
I haven't heard the Rihanna/Chris Brown song, but I'm shocked they're doing a song together. SERIOUSLY?! After what he did to her?? He's a bastard that should never be overlooked for what he did, and it does make me lose respect for her a little bit that this song exists.

Matt Seckman said...

Ok so I downloaded Starship to see what all the talk was about. I don't typically like to do this cause I don't like any songs on an album to "stand out" cause I've already been listening to it for a month. Anyway, I'm sure it'll come as quite a surprise, but I really like it. Not as AMAZING as some of her other tracks, yet, but I dig it. I'm all about the techno breaks. I love a song that goes all bananas in the middle of it. The whole thing did feel a lot like a club anthem, which usually get old fast, but we'll see. It's also reminds me of some of the songs off Britney's last album, Femme Fatal, which was highly underrated. One of her most solid albums, start to finish. But, anyway, Starship is a good start to an album I'm incredibly excited about.

Matt Seckman said...

Yeah, birthday cake Suuuucks! Too bad too, cause Talk That Talk is an amazing album otherwise.

CommunionNimrod said...

I liked Femme Fatal, or at least the songs I've heard off it. I don't think I've listened to the whole album. I agree with that, it is very underrated.

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