Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Board Game Spotlight: Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game

We are 14 weeks away from the FORGE con here in Lexington. As a huge fan of (hobby) board games, I'm going to do a feature of a few new and notable game and reviews of some of my personal favorites.

This first installment, we'll be looking at the new Flying Frog game, Fortune and Glory: Cliffhanger Game (or FANG!). Now, I have not had the pleasure of playing this game, as I just recently found out it came out. But, I have no doubts that this game will be tons of fun, because I'm a huge fan of the company, Flying Frog, who produced this game. Flying Frog is best know for the games Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game (a modular survival horror game), A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game (a 19th century supernatural adventure board game) and Invasion from Outer Space: The Martain Game (a modular game with fiendish Martians, Big Top Heroes, and SciFi Movie Action), to name a few.

"Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game is a fast-paced game of high adventure, vile villains, edge-of-your-seat danger, and cliffhanger pulp movie action. Players take on the role of a treasure hunter, traveling the globe in search of ancient artifacts and fending off danger and villains at every turn in a quest for the ultimate reward of fortune and glory!

Featuring a beautifully rendered adventure map of the world as the game board, eight pulp adventure heroes to choose from (such as Jake Zane the Flying Ace, Li Mei Chen the Night Club Singer and Martial Artist, or Dr. Zhukov Master of Science), an army of ruthless villains and thugs (including the Chicago Mob and the dreaded occult-hunting Nazis), ancient Mayan temples to explore with a zeppelin hovering overhead, a wealth of coins to horde as heroes collect fortune and glory throughout the game, and a unique mechanism of dangers to overcome and the classic cliffhanger moments of suspense that can result. Fortune and Glory is designed to create a pulp serial cinematic feel as the story and game unfolds." --BoardGameGeek

Fortune and Glory is Flying Frog's biggest game yet! Flying Frog is know for putting out high quality games, and as the above summay states, FANG will be no exception. The game will have a detailed adventure board, Photographic artwork featuring Pulp Adventure movie action, 39 highly detailed plastic miniatures including Heroes, Villains, Enemy Soldiers, Mayan Temples, and a Zeppelin air ship. The game has both Competitive and Cooperative play for 1 - 8 players. Players can race against one another or work together to overcome a Vile Organization bent on world domination through powerful occult artifacts!! Oooooh...scary! @_@ I lvoe that this game features solo play. I think it says a lot about a games mechanic, when you can not only play with a group of people, but by yourself as well. BoardGameGeek lists the play time at around 90 minutes and that the game is best with 3 players.
Check out Flying Frog's website for more info: www.flyingfrog.net/fortuneandglory/
Read the Rule Book ONLINE! http://www.flyingfrog.net/fortuneandglory/pdf%5CFANG_Rulebook_FINAL_WEB.pdf
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