Monday, February 13, 2012

Who the Frack is Patrick?

Beaucoup Pop welcome's our latest blog contributor, Patrick Ballard!

Patrick is a classic example of nature vs. nurture when his comes to whether or not someone will become a true nerd based on the nerd DNA that they are born with or the nerdy environment that they are raised in.  Growing up in rural Kentucky really doesn't afford a lot of kids the opportunity to really explore may things that are outside of the five television channels that his family could get on their television's rabbit ears.  So, like many other children of 80's, television cartoons shaped many of his young fantasies and he would save every last penny he had to get his mom to let him go to the Ben Franklin department store next to her job so that he could pick up any new Transformer or G.I. Joe he could find.  Oh, there were Star Wars figures too, but if he had to admit it, he played with Darth Vader as a hero for a good two years before he ever saw the actual movie and realized his folly. 

He did have older brothers and he did get to read dog eared copies of Uncanny X-Men, Man-Thing, Heavy Metal, and Micronauts from time to time; never imagining there were actual shops that sold comics, he would run to the Christmas tree every year hoping that he would get that big sampler box of comics that J.C. Penney's sold in their Wish Book.  Yeah, though the pickings were slim and the influences scattered at best, Patrick slowly evolved into the sci-fi, comic book, toy & statue collecting, video gaming nerd with a huge t-shirt fetish that he is today.  I guess it was was in his genes to be that way.

These days, Patrick is a mild, mannered School Psychologist by day and a comic reading, noob fragger at night.  Reading everything from Ultimate Spider-Man to Scalped and Runaways to Lost Girls, he will read about anything.  He isn't shy about giving his opinions about them either like he does with his weekly Tradio segment that he does at his blog Pop Culture Punching Bag.  Additionally, he commands a rather respectable gamerscore over on Xbox Live where he will play about anything, but has a passion for action and adventure games.  Additionally, he is a married father of triplets and he is trying is best to guide his little ones through the current world of mass media into little nerds like their daddy...but only if they want to.  So far...he has gotten mixed results on that, but he will keep us posted.  From time to time, he will be posting about movies, games, comics, toys, you name it, but from his own unique perspective as a Gen X dad and try not to bore the pants off us with talk about how much his daughter Ella loves kittens.

You can also find Patrick on Twitter, @paleriderofdoom! You can also check out his first post with BCP over at DC's New 52 - A Father's Take on a Missed Opportunity.

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