Monday, February 6, 2012

Who the Frack is Becky?

Beaucoup Pop is pleased to welcome their newest blogger, Becky Cole!

Becky Cole is a Lexington, KY native with her hand in all types of geeky cookie jars. Mainly she's a music and movie nerd, but she also digs several comic/graphic novel series, her favorite of all time being Transmetropolitan. She's found renewed faith in TV, falling hopelessly in love with BSG, Downton Abbey, Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Sons of Anarchy, etc. She doesn't read as much as she used to, but is mad for the Harry Potter series and loves to sport her bad ass Slytherin hoodie! She also has a sever coffee addiction, an enduring weakness for all things Hello Kitty, and could eat Chinese food every day of her life.

Her earliest musical memories include sitting with her brother watching the beginning days of MTV whilst trying to figure out Michael Jackson's dance moves, and through this exposure to early MTV she developed quite the enduring taste for New Wave/Synthpop music. Somewhere between that first love of English 80s music and exposure to her dad's Queen, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath records in the basement at age 8, she gravitated right towards Nine Inch Nails by 6th grade, and has remained a life-long fan. One of the best days of her life was when one of her mom's co-workers said she was upgrading her record collection from vinyl and tapes to all CDs and gave all her tapes to me. They included David Bowie, Bauhaus, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Cure, Shriekback, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Love & Rockets, Jane's Addiction, XTC and The Pixies. She was 12 at the time, and it warped her fragile little mind. They are all still favorites.

Becky has been best friends with Matt since high school and will never let him forget that when they first became friends, he totally had Spice Girls posters up in his room. She was able to overlook this since his parents had HBO, a seemingly endless supply of Diet Cokes in the fridge, he'd put in on gas money for rides home from school, and he had a crap ton of Anime and movies for her to borrow.

Becky has her very own blog called Confessions of a Pop Culture Fanatic. Currently she is doing a "song a day" project happening through 2012 where she be posting a link to a song she loves each day this year! You can also check out her first post with BCP over at Watch the Throne: Great from 'Ye to Z.

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