Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lana Del Rey: Friend or Foe?

Unless you don't surf the interwebs very much, you've probably heard mention in some form or fashion of Lana Del Rey by now. You may have experienced her (in my opinion, because my ears work) horrendous "performance" on Saturday Night Live last month. The fact that she was booked for a stage as huge as SNL off the youtubing of 2 subpar songs is beyond me, but anyway...watch here if you dare:

I'll look past the fact that she's wearing her grandma's tablecloth and go to her voice. Maybe she had a bad night, but I doubt it. After hearing her recorded version of "Video Games" off of "Born to Die," it's no better. I'm not sure what marketing genius is behind her meteoric rise to the heights of SNL, Letterman, etc., along with being the talk of every blog, but it feels to me a lot like a Rebecca Black moment. Maybe we can't turn away, because we all agree she's so terrible?

Her knuckles say it all...
I like to think that's what it is. Otherwise, maybe we've suddenly all gone from making Adele a multi-platinum star to appreciating tone-deafness and dead eyes swaying from side to side. Nothing would surprise me America. Nothing at all.

Friend or Foe? I say foe. Thumbs down.


ice princess said...

My ears and eyes hurt from that performance. Thumbs down. This chick needs to find another day job because she CANNOT sing period. Wow. Thanks for sharing this disaster of a so call artist.

Tressina Bowling said...

Ummm...she sounds a bit...deaf? How does an "artist" like this happen?

Christopher John (@Christopher2814) said...

Maybe you all just don't comprehend her genius. She sings for the fans not the critics.

LOL. I'm just bullshitting. She's terrible. I figured that was something her reps would toss out there for damage control.

Josh Mason said...

Lana Del Rey is a talented singer/songwriter in the early stage of her career. She, like any creative artist with dreams of making it big and the passion and drive to market them-self relentlessly has found herself rising towards fame at a very particular and peculiar time all under the 24/7 microscopic watch and scrutiny of today's most unforgiving authoritarian "critics" at the top, the blogger elite. If only all these "experts" of humanity would re-shift their task-master proficiencies and dot.com competencies towards being innovative and free-thinking expressive individuals who create art themselves instead of the uber trendy soulless and narcissistic global obsession of cutting down/belittling/summing-up everyone else, what a meaningful and beautiful world it would be. LDR is an artist in process. Say what you like but how do your artistic talents and actions compare?

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