Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Episode 43 - Top 5 TV Shows

The cast of Beaucoup Pop is back, bringing you everything you need to know about whats going on in the pop culture world...and maybe some things that you didn't need to know, BUT WE GIVE IT TO YOU ANYWAY!!!
The Beaucoup Pop crew has combined their love of television to present their top 5 favorite (completed) live action TV shows!!! Are any of your favorite small screen productions on the list?

And prepare yourself for the first installment to BCP Masterpiece Theater...actually nothing will prepare you for it.

Beaucoup Pop Masterpiece Theater...yep!

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Christopher John (@Christopher2814) said...

Matt's eyes are almost hypnotic in that picture. I swear I lost 15 minutes somehow after looking at it.

Matt Seckman said...

It's always the eye...I always get'em with the eyes...then they see the rest of me. Ha!

Becky said...

Let's do this:

My top 5 non-animated finished shows (in no order)

Battlestar Galactica
Six Feet Under
The West Wing
The Sopranos

Christopher John (@Christopher2814) said...

Top 5 COMPLETED series. In no particular order......

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Arrested Development

Becky said...

GAH!!! I forgot one that (sadly) only lasted 1 season! MY SO CALLED LIFE! I fell in love with you, Claire Danes. ^_^

CommunionNimrod said...

Awwww yeah Buffy and West Wing!! ;)

ice princess said...

Top 5 uncompleted series. In no particular order
@Becky-Yes! My So Called Life
Legend of the Seeker
Xena Warrior Princess

Christopher John (@Christopher2814) said...

@Matt - I've found a "balance" when it comes to Whedon. I think Buffy is one of the greatest television series every made, however, with the exception of Serenity, I am a fan of NOTHING else he has ever done. But I agree that most fans of his tend be uber-fans.

@Tressa - My father actually introduced me to the Buffy series. He was about halfway through and kept telling me to jump on board. So I have him to thank for Buffy and Doctor Who.

I want to add an honorable mention to my list: The Inbetweeners. It's a BBC comedy series that ran 3 seasons and they just made a movie. Unfortunately you'll have to watch it on foreign websites unless you have a DVD player that accepts all regions. The DVDs are UK only.

Matt Seckman said...

@Becky - I can't believe I forgot My So Called Life...that so is amazing. It would be in my top 10, for sure.

@Christopher - One of these days I'll attempt to tackle the Buffy madness ^_^. I've never been a huge SMG fan, but I've been watching Ringer and she's warmed up to me. Maybe I'll like the show better now.

Leah said...

My top 5, in no particular order, are:
That 70's Show
Boy Meets World

(With Titus, Absolutely Fabulous, and Keeping up Appearances in the top 10.)

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